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Beginner's Beekeeping: Keeping the Bees!

Hi there!

Are you interested in keeping honey bees, but don’t know where to begin or where to start? Are you just a little apprehensive due to fear of the unknown?

Those feelings are natural.

Four years ago, I was in the same place:

1) Uncertainly. Can I do this? Where do I begin? Where can I get help?

2) Fear. Will I get stung. Will others get stung? What will my neighbors think?

Let me tell you what I know for sure; I’m glad I made the decision to become a beekeeper.

Beekeeping is an exhilaratingly SWEET experience!

This spring, join me for an honest discussion centering around backyard bee keeping.

I’ll tell you what I know, what I don’t know, what I need to know and what I’m learning. I’ll also share with you what’s worked, hasn’t worked and some of my plans going into the future.

By the end of the discussion, you’ll have a much better idea of what to expect and how to begin!

This will be an honest discussion.  

I’ll bring along some tools, equipment and supplies. I’ll discuss local rules and regulations and share some purchase options with you.

Available Add-ons: $10 each (Options only available at the time of registration):

Hive Build: Hands-on experience with putting together and setting up a hive.

Package Install: Demonstration of a live honeybee install. If for any reason this is not able to happen you will receive a full refund for this add-on.

Honey Extraction: Learn how to extract honey from the hive—see it happen!

I agree that upon purchase, these class fees are not eligible for a refund or rescheduling.