Japanese Blue Indigo Series

Japanese Blue Indigo Series


Part of the Blue Indigo Series, these workshops explore the natural dye, indigo, as it relates to Japan, its art and culture.

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Come learn how to dye naturally using nature’s natural blue, indigo!  Natural dyers of this workshop learn simple Shibori techniques and learn how to make ink before creating Japanese sumi ink drawings.  


Dyers learn specific Shibori techniques:  honeycomb and ring Shibori before rolling up their sleeves and diving into Suminagashi, Japanese paper marbling. 


Dyers create a kaleidoscopic art piece on fabric, as they learn to incorporate binding, knotting, twisting and pleating in cotton fabric to achieve three-dimensional effects of color.  While creations are in the vat, you’ll learn how to make Japanese furoshiki, and later transform one of your dyed pieces.

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