Loom Rentals-Mac

Loom Rentals-Mac


Macomber- 20” 4-8 harness frames.

$10 per hour (During one consecutive week period (Monday-Sunday))


All loom rentals take place in-studio.

The cost to rent a loom for 15 hours (during the same week-Monday-Sunday) is $65 and includes use of the loom a bench and weaving equipment during scheduled Open Studio hours for the rental period.

Rental days/hours must be scheduled and occur in minimum increments of 3 hour with a maximum of 5 hours in any one day.

Renters are required to supply their own fibers/yarns.

TFAC members receive a $10 discount on loom rentals.

Loom rental is:

  • is limited

  • subject to availability and

  • reserved for experienced weavers.

    While there is a studio monitor or staff person on duty during every Open Studio session, all weavers will be expected to have a working knowledge of equipment and techniques, including winding warp and dressing the loom. There is no instruction.

A $50 deposit is required at the beginning of the rental period. Please bring the cash deposit on your first day of the rental period.

The deposit is refundable at the end of the rental session provided there is no damage to the loom and/or supplies and all supplies and equipment used are returned in their original useable state. The user is responsible for any and all damage they cause to equipment/tools and supplies. Looms will be checked after use-each day of your rental period.

Rental Fees are non refundable once booked. Rental period date changes are subject to availability.