How to get the best quality vegetables

How to get the best quality vegetables.

There’s no doubt about it to have the best quality vegetables you have to grow them yourself.


Because as a home grower you’re able to grow vegetables you may never see in a market and if you did they could never be as fresh or as good as what you’re able to grow in good soil on your own. 

Home growers are also able eat home grown vegetables as soon as they’re harvested, at the peak of perfection, when they’re highest in nutrients, most tender and taste their best.

Depending on what’s available at markets forces you to select from only what’s available—take it or leave it—and that’s never (despite some markets best intensions) when vegetables are at their best. 

Let’s take a look at corn.  Corn begins losing its sweetness as early as twenty-fours after being picked from the stalk.  If corn grows in your back yard you can enjoy a fresh mouthful of nature’s goodness right then and there.  Peas taste best when eaten the same day they’re picked. With a sugar snap pea patch in your backyard you can enjoy they’re crisp fresh sweetness right then and there from vine to mouth—or you can pop a few in a pan with a bit of butter and enjoy a mouthful of plump delightfulness for dinner that same night.  

Let’s be real, professional growers know heavy soils grow soggy, flavorless potatoes. And that sandy soil grows dry, mealy ones.  They also know heavy soils grow the biggest crops and that the bigger the crop the more income.

Quality isn’t necessarily professional growers uppermost concern.  It’s often quantity and costs associated with getting crops to market.

As a home grower, you can gather young vegetables; tender beets, beet greens, carrots and other naturally-grown vegetables, which seldom reach market, in the cool of the morning when dew is still on the plants when they’re at their very best; even before the sun as had opportunity to wither them even slightly. 

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