Pekin Ducklings

Pekin Duck

Ducks LOVE water and can never seem to get enough to drink and play in---hence they're "water could".


Before you purchase ducks--do a little bit of research.  Be sure you're up to the cleanup required. They're extremely messy--never can get too much water---are messy eaters---love doing number twos--even in their water and food---chirp (not quack) alot, can eat all day-----and topping it off--they're big chickens! 

Chickens as in "scaredy-cats".


Which one of the cartoons ducks was it that was scared of his own shadow all of the time--Daffy or Donald Duck.  

Daffy Duck. 

It could be that just my four little peking are chickens...but they are. 

Hopefully, as a little time goes by they'll stop being so afraid of Sam and I.