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Weaving & Pottery

Center Studio 518!

More information coming shortly regarding our kick wheels. 

By appointment only.

In-studio rental only. The cost to rent a loom for 15 hours (during the same week-Monday-Sunday) is $5- $15.00 per hour and includes use of the loom and weaving equipment. Renters are required to supply there own fibers.

Guild members receive a $10 discount on loom rentals.

Loom rental is limited and subject to availability and reserved for experienced weavers. Time must be scheduled.

Weavers are expected to have a working knowledge of the loom and equipment, including winding warp and dressing the loom.

There is no instruction.

A rental deposit of $50 is required. The deposit is refundable at the end of the session provided there is no damage to the loom and/or supplies and all supplies and equipment used are returned in their original useable state. The user is responsible for any and all damage they cause to equipment/tools and supplies. Damage to the looms is checked daily.

Please use the form below to reserve a loom and to make a payment visit HERE

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