Natural Dyeing Series

Natural Dyeing Series



From forages around our gardens, farms and other green spaces we can collect quite a range of color producing plants from Mother Nature:  bright yellows, greens, orange, pinks greys and earthy browns and reds.

In these workshops, each slightly different, we explore color, the essence of natural dyeing.

 Some truths: 

1) Natural dyeing takes longer than chemical dyeing.

2) Yes, colors can (often do) fade-some more than others.

But with care you can enjoy these “living” colors for a long time—and revel in their natural beauty. 

Each class or workshop varies slightly from learning how to dye with fresh, frozen and dried flowers; creating beautiful fiber pieces on silk and cotton to using foraged materials: berries, bark and vegetables to explore the art of making natural inks and natural mark making tools.

Natural dyes make us aware of seasonal changes and allow us to step away from chemicals-helping the user, wearer and our planet earth. 


·       The natural dyeing processes

·       Mordanting

·       Color fasting

·       Various methods of natural dyeing

·       Washing and care

Series Classes

  • Mother Nature’s Bounty: Bundle/Steam/Eco Dyeing

  • Nature Painting & Drawing: Making natural inks and painting

  • Beyond Shibori: Indigo Dyeing

  • Naturally Dyeing: Natural Dyeing with Fruits, Berries and things from Mother Nature

*More details coming, class titles subject to change. Dates TBA shortly.

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This workshop includes a series of four workshops.