Vintage Dressmaking Series

Vintage Dressmaking Series



Sew Vintage Couture:  Trace a pattern, cut it out, stitch it together and finish it off, using vintage couture techniques.  

The silhouettes of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s are glamorous and while original vintage is getting harder and harder to find and more fragile to repair and wear—Center Studio 518 is lucky to have at its disposal more than 5000 true vintage sewing patterns! 

We’re using a beginner “Jiffy” or other easy-to-sew pattern. So, if you can sew a straight stitch, this beginners workshop is perfect for you.

During this class, you’ll sew a garment using a vintage sewing pattern to create an “true vintage” garment.  

You’ll learn the basics of vintage sewing, adjust a vintage style, make a toile (muslin), produce a vintage reproduction using a vintage sewing pattern and more. 


This is a workshop that will take place over a course of weeks/days, including providing open practicum days.

*More details coming, class titles subject to change. Dates TBA shortly.

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During this fun workshop we mock up a vintage dress (using an authentic vintage sewing pattern) in muslin (100% cotton) using basic couture techniques.

Participants learn how to work with a true-vintage sewing pattern, hand apply a zipper, use common couture hand stitches, how to wax thread, make muslins, make covered snaps and apply, apply hooks and thread bars and more.  Basic sewing skills are required.  

Participants will receive an easy-to-construct original vintage pattern to use in class as their muse.

Only very basic sewing skills are required.